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Exceptional Limited Editions luxury silk tie
Last chance with 10% summer discount. 
Light brown silk tie with yellow/red/white circles.
Jacquard woven, self tipping reverse bar tacks, saddle back stitching. Finest quality, inject personality into outfits.

Price 30 Euros, 
Discount price 27 Euros.
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Refined men's silk scarves, several plain colours.
Make perceptions with 
Silk Scarves to generate good image.

Prospect a selection of our contemporary trends :
Silk Neckties 

Use your sense of good style to increase trust and confidence.
Real-time top quality fashion accessories, form complete ensembles that motivate people.
Amplify communications, with smart image.
Engineer future style fashion, make good appearance work for you!

Leverage the way you look with Saladin & Manzetti quality neck wear. Integrate style as an opportunity to maintain good image. 

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Clothing accessories, are significant gifts.

7-Fold ties, limited edition, Italian silk. 
Business/fun wear.

Make the difference in your life.

Shopping bags to take away gifts for a friend.Succeed in a big way, substantial advantages, worry-free smarter
image with Saladin & Manzetti
fashion accessories.

Don't be left out, consider all alternatives to give good style. 

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